Meet Our Team

Starmi was founded in 2019 by developers who dreamed of creating world-class anime games that could inspire the next generation and offer meaningful social experiences.

Dragonspire, our first game, is a project designed to help us explore and create the world of Asteria, breathing life into an original cast of characters, while also refining our anime action gameplay and live operations technology. We hope to bring Dragonspire to early access in 2023.

Our Leaders

Brian Grayson
Brian Grayson

Design + Business

John Dew
John Dew


Erez Goren
Erez Goren


Our Team

Starmi is only a brand name. Our people provide it with meaning, and it’s through their efforts we are able to create anime games for players around the world.

Thona Bitzer

Cotton Tan

Oleg Tikounov

Alan Li

Duncan Reynolds

Hannah-Grace Mowery

Liam Novelline

Anatoliy Alekseyenok

Justin Lai

Ethan Heil

Gerik Bennett

Levin Yu

Taylor Davis

Dylan Colby

Yvonne Watson

Carly Siegal

Bill Moats

Our Studio

Our studio is located in Midtown, where we are in walking distance to popular restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and many other leisure activities. Our team spends a lot of time chasing our dreams, so we make sure everyone is provided with a creative environment, competitive compensation, and all the resources necessary
to succeed. 

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